We offer a complete range of services aimed at meeting all of our customers’ needs.

We are able to provide practical support in terms of searching materials, making models, prototypes, test garments as well as production, quality control and logistics.

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We support our customers in the selection and choice of the finest materials and fabrics.


We combine professionalism, study and innovation to make unique products and styles.

Prototype / Sample

We have a department that is 100% focused on sample making.


We carry out strict controls and procedures throughout the production phase.

Quality control

We perform a final review of every single product and detail in order to certify its quality.


We ensure 100% reliable and professional deliveries and shipments.

The tailoring department synergistically contributes to product development, providing a combination of know-how and a variety of skills.

Our prototype department relies on highly specialized personnel and is able to satisfy even the most demanding customers by proposing innovative, top-quality and top-performance methods.

Prototypes are made following careful, ongoing study of the shapes, volumes and style of a garment in view of making high-quality samples.

The production phase complies with accurate procedures and controls to ensure that the highest quality standards are met. Every single detail of the product is rigorously examined to ensure the best outcome.

Shipping and logistics are organized by specialized personnel who remain available to the customer until the items are delivered.

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